Botanicaltech® Shirts made from comfortable and cozy materials.

Botanicaltech® has released short-sleeved T-shirts for suits such as Wabi (SS) and Jaku (FW).
All of these products are so comfortable that you'll want to wear them every day.

Since we released suits, we can say that the ALLEST brand is a brand for business people.

That's why shirts are important items.
It's finally completed.

ALLEST Botanicaltech®Shirts commitment

・Simple mold = pattern that makes the most of the goodness of the material ・Sustainable corn-derived material + shell buttons ・Simple but “design” that satisfies the desire to possess
・The collar shape determines the necktie for business use.
・Size and details that look relaxed and elegant for casual wear

Suits, T-shirts, and shirts, all made from ALLEST Botanicaltech® materials, will never leave you in the comfort of your daily life.

In fact, my skin and body crave Botanicaltech® T-shirts, so much so that I wear them every day.

Coming soon
botabicaltech shirts

botanicaltech shirts

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