Legal notice

Representation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Seller: Stock CompanyTRANCEPARENT

Representative responsible: Takagi Yoshinobu

Location: 181-0013, Shimenjaku 3-29-4-201, Mitaka City, Tokyo

Telephone number:050-1403-6917


Selling price: For each product page, please refer to the following:

Required charges other than goods: Shipping (Home-haste:1,000yen) Fees (Bank Transfer: by bank)

Payment Method and Time of Payment: Credit Card Settlement, Bank Transfer

Delivery time of product: shipment within 14 days of the order date.

Product Delivery Method: Home Delivery

For returns and/or cancellation: After the product has been purchased, the product has not been canceled prior to the product purchase.The return is accepted only when the order and the quantity of products are different, or if the goods are defective, etc.For details. Refund return on the following information.