The concept of ALLEST is a “sustainable all-in-one suit” that combines ALL+LESS+BEST. Therefore, in the ALLEST logo design, since we can live with just one piece of clothing, we used the initial letter A as the number 1, and made the single letter with a loose feel the identity. We have formulated the key codes of genderless, ageless, and timeless, and the logotype is based on a casual flat sans-serif font, with a dressy serif font added with whiskers (serifs). by DESIGNESS inc.

About payment

1, Credit settlement

[Credit card type]

VISA / MasterCard 
American Express / JCB

  • Our website uses a security system called SSL. customer sizeAll sensitive credit card information is transmitted encrypted.

[Number of payments]

It depends on the card company of your card. Please check with your credit card company in advance.

  • As a general rule, we do not send credit card receipts for security reasons.No. We will replace the usage statement sent by your credit card company with your usage receipt.Masu.
  • We do not accept the use of a credit card with a name different from that of the orderer.
  • If the billing address and shipping address are different and one of the addresses cannot be confirmed, we may cancel your order.
  • If the billing address and credit card address do not match, we may cancel your order.
  • We do not accept the use of a credit card with a name different from that of the orderer.


2, Bank transfer

     [Transfer account information]

    At checkout, please select your payment methodBank transferAfter making your selection, we will inform you of the bank account for the transfer. In the unlikely event that you cannot remember your account, we will provide you with the following information. Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. please note that.

    Bank name :Sumishin SBI Net Bank
    Branch name :
    Corporate First Branch
    Branch number:106
    account number:Normal1783239
    Account name:F) Transparent

    About delivery

    1, Delivery company

    Yamato Transport or mail service
      • You cannot specify a delivery company. Thank you for your understanding.
      • Due to the system, we are unable to accept delivery of courier services at the center.
      » Baggage inquiry system - Yamato Transport

      2, Delivery area

      • Japan only

      3, Delivery charge

      • Suits nationwide 1,000yen, 1 T-shirt is 370 yen by mail

      4, Delivery days

      • Estimated shipping: From the order completion email 410After business days
      • Estimated delivery: After shipping13about days

        After order confirmationWithin 5-14 daysWe will ship the item as soon as possible or deliver it on the date specified by the customer. Depending on the product and destination, it may take several days for delivery. Also, depending on the factory operating status, shipping may change significantly, so in that case we will contact you separately.

        5, Delivery date and time

        When ordering, you can specify the delivery date and time.
        shopping cart pageInside"Please enter your desired delivery date and time.

        Regarding cancellations and returns

        1, Cancel your order

        (1) Cancellation after ordering

        We do not accept cancellations after an order has been completed and before the product is shipped, so please check the order confirmation screen carefully before placing your order.

        (2) Notes (regarding refusal of acceptance)

        In the unlikely event that you refuse to receive a delivered product, we may charge you the actual round-trip shipping costs for shipping and returning the refused product. Please note.

        2, Return

        (1) About return conditions

        ALLESTRegarding products purchased on an online site, only if the product or quantity is different from what you ordered, or if the product is defective such as damage, we will not accept returns or refunds, provided that all of the following conditions ① to ③ are met. We accept refunds. When returning a product, please contact us from the date specified in ① below.30Please make arrangements within the next day.

        After receiving the product7Please contact our contact point below within 14 days and before returning the item.

        ALLESTThe information desk】
        [Reception time] weekdays10:0018:00

        All items to be returned must be included.


        (2) Notes regarding returns

        • Returns and refunds are subject toALLESTOnly products purchased online. (Amazonand products purchased at retail stores are not eligible. ) Please contact the store or business operator where you purchased the product.
        • When returning items, please be sure to send them using a method that allows for tracking (such as Yu-Pack, Yamato, Sagawa, etc.).
        • We will pay the shipping costs for the return. Please use "cash on delivery" when shipping.
        • When shipping your return, please write your registered name, address, and phone number accurately on the delivery slip, using strong pen pressure so that it can be seen on the photocopied slip, and then send it back. please. If the registered information and the information on the slip are different, or if the information cannot be read, you may not be able to receive the package. In addition, we cannot cover the shipping costs in that case. Also, please keep a copy of the invoice just in case.3Please keep it for a month.

        3, About refunds

        (1) Refund method

        • After we confirm the arrival of the returned item, we will send important instructions regarding the refund procedure to the email address you registered. Please note that if you are unable to receive the notification email due to spam settings, etc., you will not be able to proceed with the refund procedure.
        • Please note that due to the credit card company's closing date, the amount may be debited and then refunded.
        • We will not notify you of the completion of your refund, so please check your own account.

        (2) Notes on refunds

        • Refunds will only be made to the bank account in the name of the purchaser. If the purchaser and the account holder are different, refunds will not be accepted.
        • Please be sure to contact the transferee in katakana.