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ALLEST sustaunable sneakers

ALLEST sustaunable sneakers

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  1. It is water resistant and stain resistant and has a soft and gentle texture that keeps it white and makes you feel comfortable all the time!
  2. High-quality white sneakers for adults that are recycled but are made in pursuit of comfort and environmental performance.
  3. The elastic leash and smart joint make it incredibly easy to wear, and it's even more comfortable with no trouble tying it!

The design of "ALLEST White Sneakers" is easy to match with any style, from everyday wear to set-ups, and the texture and materials further "raise the class."
In addition, the shoes are made with consideration for the global environment and are extremely particular about comfort.
"Sustainable sneakers"is.
Furthermore, you can look ``cool'' just by wearing these white sneakers.

Anyway, I wanted something that was simple and of high quality.

My favorite white sneakers always had "partial color" or "logos and marks" on them.

There may have been a hole on the side, so it may have been a slight compromise when wearing the shoes.

This work is"Extremely simple"and"High-quality white sunnies for adults"This is a ``confident work'' of white sunni made from recycled materials, aiming for ``comfort and comfort'' as well as ``lasting white color when exposed to water.''

A timeless "ALLEST" simple design that is high quality and eliminates excess.

Adopts circular fiber leather that is lighter, softer and more functional than genuine leather and has received GRS international certification.

Comfortable cushioning with recycled cork and high-quality inner Ortholite®.*Ortholite® is a registered trademark of O2 Partners.

There are two types: ``regular shoelaces'' and ``stretchable shoelaces + smart joint'' that can be taken off and put on.


Inside the shoes, ALLEST's proprietary recycled andMade of high quality Ortholite®Adopts recycled cork to achieve higher breathability, heat retention, and soft comfort.
Built-in cushioning around the ankle provides comfort
It reduces the burden on your feet even if you wear it all day.

Recycled leather that is lighter, softer and more functional than genuine leather and has received GRS international certification."Circular fiber leather"adopted. Based on the ALLEST (ALL+LESS+BEST) design concept, we have eliminated waste and achieved a lightness that makes you feel ``Ah, it's light!'' when you put it on. (One leg weighs approx. 281.6g)

Up until now, the first person I've shown it to, and the people I've shown it to for the first time, have said, "Oh, it's lighter than it looks!" and when they try it on, they think, "Oh, it's lighter than it looks!""light!"I can't help but say this.
Please come and experience it for yourself!

About softness
Circular fiber leather made from upcycled leather is lighter and softer than genuine leather.
``Circular Fiber Leather'' is an artificial leather made by sorting and regenerating collected ``leather''.It is a non-woven fabric made from leather, so it is better than genuine leather.
"Soft" "Durable"is.

About insoles

Innerbase Ortholite® is an American insole supplier founded in 1997 by Glenn Barrett. We supply more than 500 million pairs of Ortholite® annually to more than 350 brands, including leading manufacturers such as Adidas, New Balance, and Asics. We are a high quality inner sole manufacturer.

Ortholite® is a registered trademark of O2 Partners.

Features of insole
・Excellent breathability, allowing moisture to escape
・Cushioning properties last (does not sag)
・Uses recycled rubber, which is a waste product, which increases elasticity and is eco-friendly at the same time.

More cork effect

・Cork with excellent breathability prevents stuffiness
-Reduces the burden on your feet.
・Smooth and comfortable to wear even in summer, warm in winter.
・Cork prevents your feet from slipping and helps you walk comfortably.
- As you wear them, the cork will adapt to the shape of the soles of your feet, creating a better fit.
- Feels good even when worn bare feet.

"Smart Joint"

The string clasp is a capsule lock type, so it stays firmly in place without unraveling! It is comfortable to use as it maintains a suitable hold while eliminating the stress of the shoelaces coming undone.
Recommended for those who are worried about high insteps, those who are worried about wide insteps, etc.

Since there is no need to tie shoelaces, these shoes are suitable for those who do not want to put strain on their lower backs, who find it difficult to bend over, and for pregnant women.

"Stretching shoelaces"

The elastic rubber fits snugly to your feet, making them easy to put on and take off like slip-ons.
It doesn't loosen even with intense movements! I can't untie it! Perfect for sports and outdoor activities! Reduces the stress of taking off and putting on clothes.

"Two types of shoelaces are included."

One is the "normal string" that is attached from the beginning. It has a simple appearance and can be worn with the image of ``classy'' and ``adult white sunnies.''
The other one comes with the "stretchable shoelaces + smart joint" that we introduced.
You can adjust it to fit your feet. Please come and experience it for yourself!

Strong against water!
- Protective coating makes shoes easy to care for and resistant to water, so you can rest assured.
*There is a gap in the tongue of the shoe, which can only prevent certain water wicking effects.

Resistant to stains!

・If you have white sneakers, you may be concerned about them getting dirty.

-Protect coating maintains whiteness when delivered.

- Because shoes are close to the ground, they are unknowingly exposed to harsh environments such as dirt, dust, sand, mud, and dirty water, but because they are antifouling treated, dirt does not penetrate.

・If you wipe it frequently with a cloth, the whiteness will last even longer.
*Stains from physical scars such as scratches and cuts are difficult to remove just like regular leather. )

About recycled leather

Circular fiber leather is an upcycled leather.

Recycling is collected from the manufacturing process of clothing, shoes, handbags and furniture, and after a series of cleaning processes, the recyclable leather fabric is further sorted and used.

The ``leather'' recycled in this way is processed into fiber and combined with natural rubber, latex, etc. to be reborn as new leather.

Finally, a protective coating is applied to improve durability, creating circular fiber leather.

Characteristics of circular fiber leather

About the sole
The material of the sole is ocean plastic, some recycled rubber, plastic orrenewable productsIt is made of. What's more, its cushioning performance is outstanding, and along with the inner sole, you can experience a comfortable and comfortable fit from the first time you put it on.

The white sole with "grainy colors" is recycled plastic.
It is also the "icon" of ALLEST sneakers.
Let's use this colorful sole as an opportunity to talk about the environment.

These are classic "white" sneakers that are high quality and easy to wear.Easy to match with any occasion.Pair it with light-colored chino pants or a dark-colored suit.

Of course, what is “ALLEST Sustainable Suit”?"Lightness + Comfort"They have a common concept and are a great match. Even more comfort.







Botanicaltech® is a high-performance polyester derived from corn.

Orgabits® is 100% organic cotton (used by our company).

PBZ is 100% recycled polyester.


Washable with a standard home washing machine.

A laundry bag is included with the black entry model suit.

Dries in just a few hours when hung indoors.


Delivery company
Yamato Transport or mail service
*Please be advised that you cannot select the delivery company.

Delivery area
Japan only

Delivery charge
Varies depending on domestic product

Delivery Time
・Estimated shipping: 4 to 10 business days after order completion email
・Estimated delivery: 1 to 3 days after shipping

*Depends on delivery area, traffic conditions, weather, etc.

*We may not be able to deliver your item on your desired date If the postal code and address are inaccurate. (Please be especially cautious when using express shipping services and specifying delivery dates and times.)
*We are unable to arrange for redelivery if the package is returned to the distribution center due to an unclear address.


Important information regarding the product

・Please note that there may be slight variations in the feel when worn and the actual size due to fabric, specifications, design, and measurements taken while laid flat or with a tape measure.

・This set is sold only as a complete set with the same size for both the top and bottom. Individual sales of the jacket or slacks alone are not possible. (Excluding set-up items.)

・Kindly be aware that the texture and color may appear differently based on your viewing device and environment, such as your computer. Thank you for your understanding.

Return Policy

Refund policy

Cancellations and returns

1. Order cancellation

(1) Cancellation after ordering

We do not accept cancellations after the order is finalized and before the product is shipped. Please make sure to carefully check your order on the order confirmation screen before proceeding.

(2) Notes (regarding refusal of acceptance)

Please acknowledge that in the event of refusing to accept the delivered product, there might be a charge for the actual round-trip shipping costs related to dispatching and returning the refused product.

2. Returns

(1) Return conditions

We will accept returns and refunds for products purchased on the ALLEST online site only if the product or quantity is different from the order, or if the product is damaged or has other defects, provided that all of the following conditions ①~③ are met. Please arrange for the return of the product within 30 days from the date of contact as specified in ① below.

① Please reach out to our customer inquiry dest below within 7 days of receiving the product and before proceeding with the return.

[ALLEST Inquiry Desk]


[Reception hours] Weekdays 10:00-18:00

② All items to be returned must be included.

(2) Notes regarding returns

・Returns and refunds are only available for products purchased on the ALLEST online site. (Products purchased from Amazon and retailers are not eligible.) Please contact the store or business where you purchased the product.

・When returning items, please be sure to send them by a method that allows for tracking (such as Yu-Pack or Yamato/Sagawa courier services).

・We will bear the shipping costs for returning the product. Please use "cash on delivery" when shipping.

・When shipping your return, please write your registered name, address, and phone number accurately on the delivery slip, using strong pen pressure so that it can be seen on the photocopied slip. Please send it back. If the registered information and the information on the slip are different, or if the information cannot be read, you may not be able to receive the package. In addition, we cannot cover the shipping costs in that case. Also, please keep your copy of the invoice for 3 months just in case.

3. Refunds

(1) Refund method

After we confirm the arrival of the returned item, we will send important instructions regarding the refund procedure to the email address you registered. Please note that if you are unable to receive the notification email due to spam settings, etc., you will not be able to proceed with the refund procedure.

Please note that due to the credit card company's closing date, the amount may be debited and then refunded.

We will not notify you of the completion of your refund, so please check your own account.

(2) Notes regarding refunds

・Refunds will only be made to the bank account in the name of the purchaser. If the purchaser and the account holder are different, refunds will not be accepted.

・Please be sure to contact the transferee in katakana.

Thank you.

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ALLESTのコンセプトは、ALL+LESS+BESTの“サスティナブルオールインワンスーツ”です。 そこで、ALLESTのロゴデザインは、このたった1着で生活できることから、頭文字Aを数字1と見立て、抜け感のある1文字をアイデンティティとしました。ジェンダーレス、エイジレス、タイムレスというキーコードを策定し、カジュアルフラットなサンセリフ体を基調にしつつ、髭(セリフ)を加えたドレッシーなセリフ体をロゴタイプとしております。by DESIGNESS inc.
ALLESTのコンセプトは、ALL+LESS+BESTの“サスティナブルオールインワンスーツ”です。 そこで、ALLESTのロゴデザインは、このたった1着で生活できることから、頭文字Aを数字1と見立て、抜け感のある1文字をアイデンティティとしました。ジェンダーレス、エイジレス、タイムレスというキーコードを策定し、カジュアルフラットなサンセリフ体を基調にしつつ、髭(セリフ)を加えたドレッシーなセリフ体をロゴタイプとしております。by DESIGNESS inc.
ALLESTのコンセプトは、ALL+LESS+BESTの“サスティナブルオールインワンスーツ”です。 そこで、ALLESTのロゴデザインは、このたった1着で生活できることから、頭文字Aを数字1と見立て、抜け感のある1文字をアイデンティティとしました。ジェンダーレス、エイジレス、タイムレスというキーコードを策定し、カジュアルフラットなサンセリフ体を基調にしつつ、髭(セリフ)を加えたドレッシーなセリフ体をロゴタイプとしております。by DESIGNESS inc.