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your_size_made Pre-launch & temperature T on-demand production

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NEWS1: your_size_made Prelaunch This is a service for those who do not have a size that fits them.
I wanted to eliminate the feeling of not being able to experience the comfort of a Botanicaltech® sustainable all-in-one suit because of my body size, and I worked hard to make it happen. The materials will be black and navy blue for fall, winter, and spring, and will be limited to 2 people each for a total of 4 people.

NEWS2: Completely on-demand temperature T-shirts Realization of a system that does not create surplus A little progress
"Temperature T-shirt" concept released by Machiya.
While wearing a suit, you can choose an inner T-shirt by model number depending on the temperature.
Saves time and effort to classify and choose between 3 temperature zones.
When released, the ALLEST brand name was printed on the back of the collar.
From October 2023, only the ALLEST A mark will be printed on the chest and shipped to "existing BODY" on demand.
We decided to lower the price because we don't make surplus = there is no inventory risk.
Please note that the packaging is simple packaging, so it will not be "plain".

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