Shipping policy

1, Delivery agent

Yamato transport
  • The delivery agent cannot be designated. Please understand it beforehand.
  • The reception of the center of the courier cannot be received in relation to the system.
»Baggage inquiry system - Yamato transport

2, Delivery area

  • Japanese only

3, Delivery charge

  • National Kazunori 1,000Yen

4, Delivery date

  • From order completion email 410After a business day
  • After delivery13Schedule

After the order confirmationWithin 5 to 14 daysShipment or delivery to the customer. Depending on the product and delivery destination, it may take days to deliver. In addition, because there is a possibility that shipment may fluctuate greatly depending on the factory operation situation, we will contact you separately from that.

5, Delivery date

You can specify delivery date and delivery time zone at your order.
Cart cart pageInsideSpecial notes to the storePlease include the date and time of your delivery.