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BotanicalFregranceBalm: 100 % of natural plants: All in One Bam

BotanicalFregranceBalm: 100 % of natural plants: All in One Bam

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In the "temperature and climate change" travel destination, "wax" and "dressing water" are always carried on with hair care and skin care.It was the French 'all-in-one oil' which was well used.The oil had a good smell of natural ingredients, one skin, a skin, and a heat-care heaped.

But I was worried that the luggage would be broken into the vinyl bag, and the glass jar could be broken.

and he had been unable to buy it a few years ago.
I bought 10 different types of beams for generations, and tried to repeat such things as "fragrance," "hardness," and "moist sense."

but there was nothing to be satisfied with.

He also completed the "Sustainable All-in-One Baam," which uses 100 percent of the natural ingredients that are convincing, taking into account the "use of bottles," "expensive", "somewhat heavy", "aroma," and "Spicy for fragrance," which he liked.

The stickering is "easy-to-use, easy-to-use, weight", "easy to use material," "natural plant ingredients, 100 percent", "fragrance aroma," and "spicy fragrance."

As a havaam, it brightens the hair and brightens the hair, and the lips are soft and humid as the lip-balm.

A natural ingredient that eliminates all chemical components and uses only a severely selected plant extract, is a natural component of the natural force, which is gently lubric to the skin and hair, and is used for the purpose of using only the natural power.

One of these is the all-in-one, skin care, and the fressair scale that you can use.

Two flavors
"Bawns-JUBOU" | The light that sits down from the gap between the trees and the creatures.
"Murakin-SOURIN" | The forest that trees grow in clusters.

Sales are scheduled to be sold in September and October.




Japanese traditional color 'Shen Kocha' (Shen Sha)


"Bawns-JUBOU" is a fragrance of the scenery of light that sits splendid from the gaps between trees and glossy green, which is the traditional Japanese traditional colour, "Shen-ha-cha."It is a puffy grooming bam that emits a sparkling conifer, refreshing glory, and arborescent odor that reminds us of the sparkling or spice of the light.

The perfumed natural oil refineries are based on conifers and sandalwood trees, which are rare in the trees, and the trees of Sandalwood, the trees of Oakmos, the roots of Oakmos, and the resin of the French sense of resin, and the poleness of the earth, the weight of the earth, and conifers such as Ferny, Elemi, and Painscotch, which are the most important.The accent is made by adding a cardamom and a black pepper to make it feel a good spice in the orientalum.



Wood Green Leather


The traditional Japanese color of 'Kaimatsu-ai' (sea pine)


"Murakin-SOURIN" is a pubme groooming bam reminded of a view of the forest in which trees in Zen temples are clustered.A dense, steamed herd of Zen temples is painted in deep green color than the color of seaweed, which is the seaweed of seaweed which grows in the rock of the shallow sea, which is the traditional Japanese color of the sea.

The natural oils of perfumers are based on the rare gala of Jinko, known as a fragrant fragrance that is reminiscent of a temple.In addition to spices such as Peppermint Avensis, cinnamon leaf, cardamom, clove, and black pepper, and adding pinkgrep fruit and lavender, they finished the fragrance of the fragrance of the fresh, vivid vivid.We can enjoy the fragrance of the deep hamlet, which is changing over time.

How to use

Botanical grumming bamis a paste.
In winter and so on, when you touch it with your fingertips, you get a temperature of the oil at your temperature.
Take your fingertips in your hair, your skin, your wrist, your ears, your ears, and so on, and so on.


It's in the black-coated case of aluminum.
It's aluminum, so if you hit a hard one, it will be concave.
You're the only one who could have the original "concave".

Total ingredients
Hohova seed oil, ri (kapriric acid/caprylic acid) glyceril (palm origin), mitlow, perfume (natural excernate oil), argashitic oil, sunflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, alnica floral extract, tocopherol (soybeans, radish, radish, radish), and so on.

natural essenshaloil
Rhong 01 JUBOU: Agerwood, Sundarwood, Bechvor, Brokbar, Braxpurse, Oakmos Absolute, Frankensens, Furny, Elemi, Painscotch, Cardamom, Black Pepper

Smolves 02 -SOURIN: lavender, yuca, liradieta, Bergamot, Patchuri, Oakmos Absolute, Aojiso, and Violet Leaf.



Botanicaltech® is a high-performance polyester derived from corn.

Orgabits® is 100% organic cotton (used by our company).

PBZ is 100% recycled polyester.


Washable with a standard home washing machine.

A laundry bag is included with the black entry model suit.

Dries in just a few hours when hung indoors.


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ALLESTのコンセプトは、ALL+LESS+BESTの“サスティナブルオールインワンスーツ”です。 そこで、ALLESTのロゴデザインは、このたった1着で生活できることから、頭文字Aを数字1と見立て、抜け感のある1文字をアイデンティティとしました。ジェンダーレス、エイジレス、タイムレスというキーコードを策定し、カジュアルフラットなサンセリフ体を基調にしつつ、髭(セリフ)を加えたドレッシーなセリフ体をロゴタイプとしております。by DESIGNESS inc.